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Kindergarden 2009

posted 23 Nov 2009, 13:25 by puryx / tbc
Since there was no Internet at Kindergarden we were not able to blog live, but let's have a bit of the live-feeling with some pictures anyway :D
First we kicked in the good vibes with a large christmas beer (yeah, a large beer in Billund is 0,75cl) - We also shopped for the norwegians (booze and cigarettes - hi Xerxes) that were later to be traded into beer at kg.
Arrived at the party, farfar is not content - I guess Dwarf just told him he was ugly.
Also there's a kind of party overview with the compo table in the middle, and thec sucking up the entire flash :)
Mentor is being serious while farfar is looking extremely dirrrty!
Of course we had Magic Man... and SCHNAPS!
Dwarf just heard some excellent bassline, and felt awesome.
Curt Cool was more into the guitar-thing
Beware of the new official PEPPER-SCHNAPPS leather-coating. Will be featured in near future :)
And this is probably most for the danes - how about this amazing product, aren't you tempted to have some lungemos? (Directly translated that would be "mashed lungs". Bon appetit!)