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Farmfest 2010

posted 19 Aug 2010, 12:49 by farfar / loonies   [ updated 21 Aug 2010, 08:05 ]
Wohey, we have arrived at Farmfest 2010!
We have a fridge full of boozE!

and apparently it's customary in Odense to keep a packet of yeast next to the soap in the bathroom.
it's unopened, strangely enough. Did no-one use the bathroom?

okay.. we got the BBQ fired up so we can cook our dinner

it's 22:30 :)

Dwarf is trying to fist the meat into being finished

we also had vegetables. Onions, tomatoes, potatoes and peppers, that were deliciously grilled.
Dwarf, curiously, ate a lot of the onions even though they never really cooked properly.

maybe he has some Metalvotze in him

Behind the BBQ was a happy lantern

After eating... the dogs were very interested in our leftover bbq rib bones. Who would've thought, eh?

We had a cat

it went up the plastic

and now we gider kraftedeme not more!

Friday 12:09
mmm.. it's morning now.. yawn

ahh det var rar

og nu ska vi drik baje

.. and mogens fucked around some more with solskogen pictures, so here comes another one for your enjoyment

Friday mid-afternoon hangout in the outside lounge area - animals included!

and of course no hangout without OP Andersson schnapps and some rum for good measure. Later it was tequila .. oh dear.

Being a farm, there are lots of animals, big and small

On very rare occasions you can manage to get a picture of Malodix.
I still had to enhance it a little, it was quite dark in there ;)

later, working on productions..

Later still, the owners of the farm light the lights and create a very nice and cozy atmosphere in the yard while the BBQ's get ready :)

Så kom Bstrr og Ledge da og!!

Saturday.. working on finishing stuff. The cat is following the progress

she's a faithless little minx though..