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Urgent: Sommer Meeting 2010

Wohey! We have arrived at the (shadow) party place. Also: Puryx found a tube. Weather is great, and more people are coming in soonish!

Cozy chilling in the sun. I'm not sure if Laika is asleep but it looks like you could bare LØBE hen og sprke ham i nossi

Obviously, since it's a nice day and all, we're going to have a BBQ! Laika brought a couple of mushrooms for that purpose, one of which he is presenting here. No, that is in fact not a small moon or a skull, but a fucking mushroom!
(it was actually quite nice, barbecued with butter and spices)

Later, shrooms on the bbq...

of course, the main portion of the bbq was MEAT, not that hippie mushroom bullshit. Jesus Laika, you call yourself a tank-driving, HIND-D flying Russian? You would not have lasted FIVE minutes in Rambo 3. Below are bstrr, puryx and punqtured as well as Psycho pointing and Kyber holding the thingamabob.

ah well.. a little more hippie bullshit can't hurt.. nice, grilled vegetables for my tummy. And chicken wings, what Dwarf brought!!
Oh and some dogs, and Laikas legs. The dogs were quite insistent that we include them in our feast ;)

later, inside the party hall ... Dwarf just discovered that you can play Snake in Youtube videos. He's quite good!