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Fnuque Status Report

posted 22 Apr 2011, 07:52 by punqtured / fnuque
As of now, Fnuque is somewhat behind schedule according to what we hoped for.

Our entry for the 32k executable music compo was 2k too large, and there was quite a few bugs and missing content for the 64k intro.

As of now, a quick overhaul of the synthesizer, removing a lot of unused functionality gaines us the sizeoptimization we needed. Next thing will be to make the player actually play :-)

After we arrived at the EWerk somewhere around 1.30 am, revival instantly started to code along on some of the missing effects and infrastructure of our demotool. A lot was achieved, and as with the executable music compo, it seems we're still in business for reaching the goal of a 64k intro before the deadline.

Punqtured signing off from Hotel Crystal - somewhere in Saarbrücken