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FarmFest'09 Live Blog


posted 17 Aug 2009, 11:35 by bstrr / loonies

It's ooooh soo quiieeet..

posted 15 Aug 2009, 20:15 by bstrr / loonies

.. as we prepare to wake up for the 3rd day of farmfis..fest'ing!! A bunch of new people arrived yesterday - we'll try and find some (embarrassing) photographic proof today!


posted 15 Aug 2009, 06:48 by bstrr / loonies

Action & Jackson!

Mogens & Kat & Co.

Utæt tag!

... stadigvæk!


Sceners hard at work!


posted 14 Aug 2009, 22:18 by bstrr / loonies

We're here! Or.. atleast we thought so.. still a bit of walking to do!

The lounge area!

SE! Hvad er det?!

Slurp Slurp!

I'm sleeeeping in the raaain!

posted 14 Aug 2009, 21:45 by bstrr / loonies

Sleeping outside in the makeshift tent/lounge area was interesting - if you don't mind moving about a bit you can actually dodge the rain and get through the night safe and dry.

.. or you could sleep inside the main hall - I might try that next time around :)

We're HERE!

posted 14 Aug 2009, 14:02 by bstrr / loonies

The PANTS OFF bloggers has arrived at the party place.. in the dark, so we're not really sure where we are!
SID-tunes greets us as we enter the main hall, so we immediately feel at home - and replace the SIDs with funky drum'n'bass!

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