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inhale / exhale is a 64k intro partyhack more or less. Slammed together between the time we entered the bus to Saarbrücken and two hours past the deadline (thanks to the understanding organisers)

inhale / exhale

The hunt for Capt'n Gargaj and the stolen Fnuque banner
32kb executable music @ Kindergarden 2010

0 to X in Y. TRSAC 2010 PC combined intro compo entry (64k intro). Ranked 1st.

Wishful Twinkling. Co-op with Loonies. TRSAC 2010 PC combined intro compo entry (4k intro). Ranked 2nd.

Reintroduction. Solskogen 2010 PC 64k intro compo entry. Ranked 2nd.

Active Members

  • Blueberry
  • Fairart
  • hund.
  • Presence
  • Punqtured
  • Revival
  • Swaxi

Party Calendar

Plans for 2011
  • Revision (April 22nd - 25th)
  • Solskogen (July 15th - 17th)
  • TRSAC (October 21st - 23rd)
  • Kindergarden (November)
  • Evoke (August 12th. - 13th)

  • Breakpoint
  • Solskogen
  • Kindergarden
  • Breakpoint
  • Solskogen
  • Kindergarden


  • Reintroduction
This 64kb intro marked Fnuque's return to the active scene. It was released july 2010 at Solskogen where it ranked 2nd in the combined 4kb / 64kb intro competition.
  • 0 to X in Y
Our 2nd release in 2010. It also marked the group's 15th aniversary and it was released oktober 2010 at TRSAC where it ranked 1st in the combined 4kb / 64kb intro competition
  • inhale / exhale
Our first release of 2011. Much work had gone into creating the tool in which all future productions will be created, but we felt a strong urge to use it to release something for the first Revision. So in 3-4 days (two of them with no slepp in between) the production was created to fit the music created in two nights in the days before departure from Denmark