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DUB Revision '12 warm up

posted 25 Mar 2012, 00:07 by dwarf / tbc   [ updated 25 Mar 2012, 00:11 ]

Warming up for Revision @ dwarfs p(a)lace - clicks on the links for the picsturesss

Revision '11

posted 22 Apr 2011, 00:55 by bstrr / loonies

Så er dansken sgu igen på plads i det tyske - denne gang i Saarbrücken. Læs mere i vores Live Blog!

TRSAC Live Blogging

posted 22 Oct 2010, 12:15 by bstrr / loonies

.. so GO!

U:SM 2010

posted 1 Sep 2010, 14:34 by bstrr / loonies

Så har vi sgu været til byfest i Vellev! Read all about it: Urgent: Sommer Meeting 2010

Farmfest 2010

posted 19 Aug 2010, 12:49 by farfar / loonies   [ updated 21 Aug 2010, 08:05 ]

Wohey, we have arrived at Farmfest 2010!
We have a fridge full of boozE!

and apparently it's customary in Odense to keep a packet of yeast next to the soap in the bathroom.
it's unopened, strangely enough. Did no-one use the bathroom?

okay.. we got the BBQ fired up so we can cook our dinner

it's 22:30 :)

Dwarf is trying to fist the meat into being finished

we also had vegetables. Onions, tomatoes, potatoes and peppers, that were deliciously grilled.
Dwarf, curiously, ate a lot of the onions even though they never really cooked properly.

maybe he has some Metalvotze in him

Behind the BBQ was a happy lantern

After eating... the dogs were very interested in our leftover bbq rib bones. Who would've thought, eh?

We had a cat

it went up the plastic

and now we gider kraftedeme not more!

Friday 12:09
mmm.. it's morning now.. yawn

ahh det var rar

og nu ska vi drik baje

.. and mogens fucked around some more with solskogen pictures, so here comes another one for your enjoyment

Friday mid-afternoon hangout in the outside lounge area - animals included!

and of course no hangout without OP Andersson schnapps and some rum for good measure. Later it was tequila .. oh dear.

Being a farm, there are lots of animals, big and small

On very rare occasions you can manage to get a picture of Malodix.
I still had to enhance it a little, it was quite dark in there ;)

later, working on productions..

Later still, the owners of the farm light the lights and create a very nice and cozy atmosphere in the yard while the BBQ's get ready :)

Så kom Bstrr og Ledge da og!!

Saturday.. working on finishing stuff. The cat is following the progress

she's a faithless little minx though..

Solskogen 2010 - part 1

posted 16 Jul 2010, 06:19 by dwarf / tbc   [ updated 18 Jul 2010, 02:36 by bstrr / loonies ]

Ohoy! .. live updates from solskogen.
First of all, vuvuzela.fm works great on multiple computers, and even better if running multiple tabs on each!..
And now for some pictures:
The internet is being set up, not something you do fast .. obviously, while drinking beer and watching the progress, our guess is that it took about 2,5 hours to set up .. at least there were people on the roof for that long.
While watching the hard men at work / men at hard work / work at hard men?, some beers, boonekamp and pepperschnaps were consumed at as you can see, the results we instantly showing
Darklite arrived with some very nice things to show, including one big fucking camper with a bar and outside the improved sidbox, now featuring a cigarette lighter and volumeter. As you can see, that bar is FUCKING huge .. or spexzter just grew a lot smaller since the last time.
Darklite camper to the right, brainstorm to the left, in between, the area called "Little Denmark", still not completely knowing the reason besides the obvious cozyness .. and it so fucking cozy you wouldnt believe it. Great place to hang out at night.
Now more visible cozyness
And the bar from the inside .. seats for about 10 people in the couch, and the rest can hang in the bar or in "Little Denmark" outside, or perhaps inside the Brainstorm van, great stuff!
Bar + pepperschnaps makes Of want to kiss other men with hats .. or seemingly wanting to.
.. now working on entries, so no time to take pictures, only time to work and drink Morgan! ..


The danes are once more the football champions.. picture will follow, but for now you can get mood-pictures

And the best sweden had to offer, vuvuzelas and a dog


.. alright, so the time is now 20:41 and the music should have started at 18.00 ... so the first compo is already delayed with 2:45 hours .. but on the good side, all the danish contributions seem to be finished .. although loonies STILL HAVENT FINISHED THEIR FUCKING 4K .. stop using coders, you would be done already ... (while writing this, the music compo has been delayed 15 minutes more, so now it's 3 hours) ...


... but then .. more time to tell more people NOT TO COME TO TRSAC 2010, CAUSE IT WILL SUCK!

.. a note more on TRSAC, as the compo has now finished, go watch the Unofficial Uninvite NOW!

TRSAC 2010

posted 9 May 2010, 00:42 by bstrr / loonies

Når vi nu senere på året er færdige med at grille, bade, svede og pille død hud af, er't igen ved at være tid til det helt ufatteligt populære TRSAC party. Websitet er i live igen, men lige p.t. er det mest hipt at tilmelde sig på facebook-siden.

Solskogen 2010 (16-18 juli) - fællesrejse

posted 18 Apr 2010, 04:38 by puryx / tbc   [ updated 18 Apr 2010, 04:55 ]

Hej folkens!
Vi skal da til Solskogen - http://solskogen.demoscene.no/ igen i år! Det e rjo efterhånden blevet tradition for os at tage til dette hyggelige sommerparty i Norge, når vi ikke længere har Scene Event herhjemme.
Jeg har lagt et overslag op på turen her: http://solskogen.puryx.dk/. Som det ser ud lige nu, kan vi med fælles køretur klare turen til Solskogen for omkring 600 pr mand t/r (hvis ikke færgebilletterne bliver dyrere)


Kom frisk!

Sidste besøg i Bingen

posted 4 Apr 2010, 02:24 by macaw / loonies   [ updated 9 May 2010, 00:58 by bstrr / loonies ]

Indhold flyttet til Breakpoint 2010 Report - skynd dig at klikke!


posted 9 Feb 2010, 03:13 by macaw / loonies   [ updated 9 Feb 2010, 03:20 ]

Dato for Solskogen 2010 er offentliggjort: 16-18 juli - men pre-åbning den 15. juli. 

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